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Services in Atlanta that Dr. Allman Can Offer to Get That Great Smile for You

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, the fourth part in our pyramid of Dental Health Nirvana is the belief that you should have a nice-looking smile, by your own standards. When you are happy with your smile, you have more self-confidence facing your friends, your colleagues, and the world. This is a well-documented fact. You know what you want for your smile. If you don’t feel good about your smile, this perceived shortcoming can be uncomfortable for you in social and professional situations.

So, if you DO want to make big changes in your smile, Dr. Allman has the background to give you recommendations and perform these services for you. But you have to ASK Dr. Allman what can be done; he doesn’t want to be a pushy dentist in this area of treatment. There are plenty of practitioners who will be glad to push you unrelentingly into Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta and Buckhead—sometimes to the detriment of other services that you might need but that you are not being made aware of. There is nothing lost in asking Dr. Allman what is possible, especially when every year techniques and materials continue to improve!

Cosmetic Dental Services we can offer to improve your smile include:

  • Teeth Whitening: This is the simplest, most cost-effective way to change your smile. Dr. Allman’s preferred technique is to use in-office treatment to “jump-start” the whitening process followed by the use of custom-made whitening trays for 7-10 days at home (less than an hour a day) and your teeth will be as white as they can be, using your own tooth enamel.
  • Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment: If some of the teeth are crooked and misaligned, that can have a deleterious effect on your smile. The use of the clear aligner technique popularized by Invisalign is a great solution to correct misalignment problems without having wires and brackets stuck to your teeth. Dr. Allman has been providing Invisalign treatment since 2013.
  • Ceramic Veneers: These are restorations that allow Dr. Allman to change the color, shape, and size of the teeth in your smile zone to correct imperfections, spaces, edge fractures, etc. of the teeth. The veneers of this current generation allow Dr. Allman to place these esthetic wonders with little or even zero removal of tooth structure.
  • Implant-Supported Crowns and Bridges: If there are missing teeth in your smile zone, dental implants can be the solution. Implants can be anchors for permanently attached natural-looking crowns or permanently attached bridgework for many missing teeth. Using Implants in the Aesthetic Zone of your Smile to replace missing teeth (or a single tooth) comes with its own set of special nuances relating to the aesthetic demands to make the teeth supported by implants look like a natural tooth growing out of bone. Dr. Allman overcomes these difficulties by working with a highly trained group of surgeons that place the implants and technicians/artisans that can make inorganic materials look like organic, natural tooth structure.
  • Joint-Based Dentistry: When Dr. Allman uses thin ceramic veneers or natural looking porcelain crowns to make your beautiful smile, the old adage “form follows function” applies. Dr. Allman must design the esthetic restorations so that they will contact and glide in harmony when the stable TM Joints are functioning from their ideal positions. If the restorations are shaped with this delicate functional balance in mind, the resulting teeth will have the best shape for harmony in function and protection of the restorations; as well as for appearance and esthetics. A “smile makeover” can be a big financial investment. Taking the time as Dr. Allman does to verify that the new restorations on the front teeth fit correctly within that “envelope of dental function” leads to maximum longevity for this investment in your smile.

For more information on how Gallery 32 Dental Arts can provide you with the smile of your dreams, call (404) 341-4434 or contact us online.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • I Have a Confident Smile

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Allman for over fifteen years. He has worked with my oral surgeon gradually and skillfully restoring multiple teeth during this time. Today I have a confident smile and a perfectly functioning mouth due to his attention to deta”

    - Nancy
  • Great Dentist & A Wonderful Person

    “Great dentist and a wonderful person. Caring and compassionate. And he has a great team of friendly and excellent professional people. Been with him for over 15 years.”

    - Sara
  • I Am Incredibly Pleased

    “I am incredibly pleased with his knowledge, care of patients, and ability to work with a team of diverse oral health professionals on very complex cases. I highly recommend the team at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.”

    - Christianna
  • Expertly Guided Me Through the Process

    “Dr. Allman to the rescue! He patiently discussed my issues with me, worked out a treatment plan with plenty of options for me to consider—both short term and long term—then expertly guided me through the process.”

    - Mary
  • Best Specialists in the Field

    “There has never been a call to his office that he has not seen us, coming into the office on days off or after hours. Showing us compassion, honesty and sending us to the best specialists in the field for work that he does not do.”

    - Ryan

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