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A Healthy Mouth

A Healthy Mouth: Periodical Periodontal Disease Treatment in Atlanta

A Health Mouth Is the Starting Point for Overall Whole-Body Health

The oral cavity and the nasopharynx are the sites of entry into our bodies for nearly all of what goes into us—good and/or bad. Here at Gallery 32 Dental Arts, Dr. Allman and our team can show you how to get your mouth healthy and keep it that way. We offer periodontal disease treatment in Atlanta, designed to ensure not only that your teeth remain in good condition, but to help you avoid other health issues, too. A healthy mouth is the third side of what Dr. Allman refers to as the Dental Health Nirvana Pyramid, which is only achieved when you reach peak dental health. Call today to find out more about your overall dental health and how it affects the rest of your body.

To learn how to reach Dental Health Nirvana, dial(404) 341-4434.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy or NSPT is the approach Dr. Allman uses to control and cure periodontal disease. NSPT is a great contributor to keeping more than just the supporting tissues of the teeth healthy, it is also a successful treatment tool to neutralize and kill the pathogenic bacteria that cause periodontal disease. These same bacteria, originating around the teeth and under the gum tissue, have been found in other conditions and diseases, so it is extremely important to do everything you can to eliminate them.

Bacteria commonly found in your teeth and gums have also been linked to:

  • Inflammatory vessel disease: Pathogenic bacteria from periodontal bacteria cause a system-wide (whole-body) inflammatory response in the circulatory system. Whenever a small group of these pathogens congregates in a small artery, the vessel responds by isolating the pathogens within the thickness of the artery wall itself. The inflammatory response by the artery wall has the effect of narrowing the diameter of the artery causing ischemia or reduced blood flow. Inflammatory Vessel Disease is also caused in other conditions that elicit a body-wide response, such as, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Heart attack: It has been established that people who have had heart attacks have a very high percentage of also having untreated periodontal disease. It is not hard to see why—just apply the inflammatory disease model to any of the small arteries around the heart, and it’s easy for the thickening of the artery wall to become a blockage.
  • Stroke: Once again, apply the inflammatory vessel disease model to the carotid arteries in the neck or to any of the smaller arteries inside the brain itself. Lack of blood flow to a critical vessel serving the brain leads to a stroke.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and similar diseases of the gut are a response to inflammatory bacteria. When the pathogens from periodontal disease are introduced into the complex bacterial mix in the gut, this may turn on a switch that causes an aggressive bacterial event in the gut—thus, the beginning of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Alzheimer’s: There are many other links between periodontal disease and problems in the rest of the body, but a recent article has highlighted that the biggest track of research into the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease indicates periodontal bacteria may play in starting the disease. Although much is still unknown about these findings, high numbers of periodontal pathogens that have been found in brains that had Alzheimer’s, while healthy brains did not have these high numbers of Periodontal pathogens.

A Healthy Mouth Prevents Sleep Disordered Breathing

The final area where we can improve the link between mouth health and overall health is in your sleep. The sleep disorder known as Sleep Apnea, which can range from mild snoring to episodes of breathing stoppages 30, 40, or more than 50 times per hour, is a medical issue that is best treated by a dentist for 80 to 90% of people. Sleep apnea leads to quality of life issues due to poor sleep, and snoring that disrupts our bedpartners for obvious reasons. Most critically, Sleep Apnea is a major health issue because when you stop breathing for 10 seconds (called an “apneic event”) your body releases adrenaline to stir you awake. The adrenaline causes your heart to beat faster as if you are running a sprint. So, if you are having 30-40 of these apneic events per hour when you are supposed to be sleeping, your heart has been busy all night running 100-yard dashes. What happens after this has been going on nightly for months or years? A frequent occurrence is for a sleep apnea sufferer to have a heart attack in their sleep.

Here at Gallery 32 Dental Arts, Dr. Allman can provide a High-Level At-Home Sleep Study which is far more accurate than going to a sleep center (too many wires attached to you, sleeping in a strange bed, etc.) Dr. Allman is trained to read the results of your study and will share them with you (for insurance purposes, we have a physician on standby to confirm Dr. Allman’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations.) After your test results determine your level of Sleep Apnea, we can then begin Oral Sleep Appliance Therapy. For 80-90% of patients, an oral sleep appliance worn on the teeth will serve the patient very well to treat his or her sleep apnea problem. Any oral device to treat sleep apnea works by holding the mandible just far enough forward so as to keep the patient’s airway open. It is a medical device that is best made and followed-up on by a dentist. This is because a dentist is better able to make a device that is fitted to the teeth. Any side effects from this device are dental in nature and thus a dentist is also better equipped and trained to address the potential side effects.

A Healthier Mouth Means a Healthier Life

Call Gallery 32 Dental Arts today for Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy or other mouth health services in Buckhead or Greater Atlanta. Our team is highly experienced, and we promise to treat you with the respect you deserve. For Dr. Allman, it is extremely important to apply a holistic approach to dentistry, so you can count on us to do all we can for your teeth, mouth, and overall health.

Gallery 32 Dental Arts is available by phone at (404) 341-4434, or you can contact us online.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • Smoothly & Painlessly

    “My treatment at Gallery 32 Dental Arts has been exemplary. Erin, my hygienist, has always taken much time with me and provided me with top-notch teeth cleaning. Any necessary procedures I have had with Dr. Allman have gone smoothly and painlessly.”

    - Janet
  • Great Chair Side Manner

    “I have been going to Dr Allman for all of my dental care for as long as I can remember. He has a great chair side manner, he's affable, humorous, and humane. He explains precisely what needs to be done and offers options for different levels of care.”

    - Jack
  • I Have a Confident Smile

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Allman for over fifteen years. He has worked with my oral surgeon gradually and skillfully restoring multiple teeth during this time. Today I have a confident smile and a perfectly functioning mouth due to his attention to deta”

    - Nancy
  • Expertly Guided Me Through the Process

    “Dr. Allman to the rescue! He patiently discussed my issues with me, worked out a treatment plan with plenty of options for me to consider—both short term and long term—then expertly guided me through the process.”

    - Mary
  • Wow!

    “Wow is the best way for me to describe my experience with Dr. Allman and his team. Professional, observant, and caring during my dental appointment with them.”

    - Maribeth

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