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Joint-Based Dentistry & TMJ Treatment

Joint-Based Dentistry & TMJ Dentistry in Buckhead & Greater Atlanta

Harmony in Function, Predictability of Outcomes

Here at Gallery 32 Dental Arts, Dr. Allman proudly practices Joint-Based Dentistry in Buckhead and Greater Atlanta. Joint-Based Dentistry is a practical, simple concept that makes dentistry reliable and successful. Our dentistry services can help you, so learn more today.

Consider these principals of Joint-Based Dentistry:

  • Teeth do not move individually during function—they are anchored in the bone of the mandible and the skull.
  • Lower Teeth move in space as the mandible moves under the skull.
  • The mandible is attached to the skull by two unique orthopedic joints that can Rotate like a hinge, Pivot like a hip-joint and Slide forward and backward like a chair on a floor. Muscles make the mandible move, ligaments hold the mandible in place to the skull and its two disks (meniscuses) are attached to the two condyles (the knobs at both ends of the mandible) by different ligaments.
  • The ideal pivot position of the mandible is determined by the two stable hinge positions of the condyles in each joint on both sides of the skull. The axis through both of these stable hinge positions, left and right.
  • Therefore, all stability, predictability and comfort during chewing, speaking & swallowing derive from a stable axis of rotation through both joints.
  • Modifying Teeth in some way positionally or in how the upper and lower arches strike each other while one or both TM joints are damaged and/or unstable is like building a house from the roof to the ground. JBD corrects this approach by starting at the TM Joints where all functional movements initiate.

To learn more about JBD or to schedule an appointment today, call (404) 341-4434.

TMJ Dentistry Services in Buckhead & Atlanta

The temporomandibular joints are the two joints that connect your jawbone to the skull. If the TM joints are not stable (you hear clicking or popping; even grinding, gravelly noises when you move your jaw or when you are chewing), your teeth will strike each other differently every time; creating disharmony in the delicate balance between teeth, muscles and joints.

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, Dr. Allman offers TMJ Dentistry in Buckhead and greater Atlanta. Come in for an initial evaluation designed to determine the presence of any TM joint disorders. If the issues appear to need more in-depth analysis, a complete TMJ evaluation will be performed, including advanced imaging with MRI evaluation. Damage levels of TMJ problems are always confirmed with imaging and anatomical comparisons. Imaging of orthopedic joints is essential for diagnosis, and the availability of hi-quality imaging on the TM Joints has led to much better treatment for patients that have damaged TM joints. After Dr. Allman has achieved Adapted Joint Stability for both of the TM joints, the correct arc-of-closure resulting from the stable axis of rotation achieved during TMJ treatment may result in disharmony between some or all of the 14 pairs of functioning upper-lower teeth. This disharmony could work against the adapted joint-stable positions of the TM joints and as a result, post-TMJ tooth modifications and excavation may be necessary.

Post-TMJ tooth modifications may include:

  • Refinement: Reshaping the tooth surfaces to eliminate unfavorable contacts (occlusal equilibration.)
  • Resurfacing: Adding composite resin to certain tooth surfaces to improve their contact points with their opposing member of the tooth pairing.
  • Restoration: If the discrepancy between the functioning members of a tooth pairing is too significant, occasionally a tooth will have a ceramic crown or onlay placed that allows the ideal design of a chewing surface to match up with its opposing member.
  • Repositioning: A tooth (or teeth) may be so far out of position, that they need to be bodily moved to contact the opposing teeth in a more favorable way (Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment is helpful here for Dr. Allman.)

Sometimes, a combination of any or all of the four techniques above are involved to create a more harmonious bite following conservative TMJ therapy. Dr. Allman considers his TMJ/Joint-Based Dentistry in Atlanta to be a critical part of his Dental Health Nirvana Pyramid, because its influence is felt on the other sides of the Pyramid. Fortunately, through extra study over the years and involvement in a small, but national club devoted to TMJ diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Allman has become a sub-specialist in the field of TMJ and joint-based dentistry.

The Long-Term Benefits of Healthy Jaws

The ultimate goal of Joint-Based Dentistry and TMJ Dentistry is to create a functional harmony between your teeth and jaws. With modern Joint-Based Dentistry and TMJ restoration, Dr. Allman can help ensure every tooth, filling, crown, veneer and/or implant achieves its maximum life span.

The benefits of having good jaw joints and healthy TMJs include:

  • The teeth/jaw will be more comfortable during function and at rest.
  • You will experience less muscular tension headaches, and potentially fewer migraines, too.
  • Any repairs or restorations made to the teeth become lead to highly predictable treatments in the future.

Schedule an appointment to protect the health of your teeth and joints today by calling (404) 341-4434. You can also request a consultation online.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • Up-to-Date Methods

    “Scott was able to fix my crown and correct my bite without braces! He used creative, out-of-the-box thinking with modern, up-to-date methods.”

    - Emily & John
  • Expertly Guided Me Through the Process

    “Dr. Allman to the rescue! He patiently discussed my issues with me, worked out a treatment plan with plenty of options for me to consider—both short term and long term—then expertly guided me through the process.”

    - Mary
  • I Have a Confident Smile

    “I have been a patient of Dr. Allman for over fifteen years. He has worked with my oral surgeon gradually and skillfully restoring multiple teeth during this time. Today I have a confident smile and a perfectly functioning mouth due to his attention to deta”

    - Nancy
  • Great Dentist & A Wonderful Person

    “Great dentist and a wonderful person. Caring and compassionate. And he has a great team of friendly and excellent professional people. Been with him for over 15 years.”

    - Sara
  • Wow!

    “Wow is the best way for me to describe my experience with Dr. Allman and his team. Professional, observant, and caring during my dental appointment with them.”

    - Maribeth

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