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An intact set of dental arches, usually 14 pairs of teeth opposed to each other is the standard. Of course, this presupposes two stable TM joints, as good dental function begins at the jaw joints. That’s why using Joint-Based Dentistry, Gallery 32 Dental Arts is able to offer services for saving and replacing teeth in Atlanta. Replacing and restoring teeth is the second part, followed by Joint-Based Dentistry, of what Dr. Allman calls Dental Health Nirvana, so do not neglect to make sure all your teeth are intact

To learn more about our process for saving teeth, call (404) 341-4434.

Dental Disease & Fillings

To make sure your teeth fit modern standards of health, they must be free from Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease—the two major infectious diseases that attack teeth and their supporting soft and connective tissue bases, which allow the teeth to continue as functioning pairs. Dental Caries is the disease that can best be described as an infection of the hard structure of the tooth. It is somewhat similar to the process of wood that undergoes rotting. So, to repair tooth structure affected by dental caries (think of rotten wood) the infected tooth structure is removed. The amount of missing tooth structure and the degree of functional load that is placed on a particular tooth determines the repair technique.

For the repair of small holes resulting from the removal of infected tooth structure, Composite Resin Fillings do very well. They hold up to the rigors of function and they look nice. However, the larger the hole or the greater the number of surfaces involved on a tooth, the less predictable a composite resin filling will be. But Large Composite Resin Fillings are frequently a big part of phased treatment plans that remove the decay for a number of teeth at one time in order to stop the progression of decay; followed by the future placement of more ideal restorations, performed in a sequence of different sections of the mouth at a time.

Teeth Restoration

To protect the tooth during function, especially if it has lost much substance of the tooth itself or if there is a crack in the tooth structure itself, a ceramic or metal restoration is needed to prevent the tooth from splitting apart during function. These restorations were originally done in cast gold, but now they are almost always done as a tooth-colored ceramic.

Teeth restoration options include:

  • Dental Crowns: For maximum wrap-around strength added to a tooth weakened by a loss of tooth structure, a Full Crown must be used. Think of a full helmet for the tooth 360 degrees around the tooth ending right at the gum line.
  • Ceramic Onlays: If you want to protect the tooth during function but there is more tooth structure remaining that you don’t want to sacrifice, an Onlay can be placed that covers all of the chewing surface, but saves much of the tooth structure on the sides of the tooth that would be removed if the plan for the tooth was a full crown. This is becoming a more frequently used option for Dr. Allman. The Onlay provides nearly all of the protection that a crown does but with much less sacrificing of tooth structure.
  • Removable Dentures: We offer both full and partial removable dentures for tooth loss and to decrease the risk of developing oral health problems and other systemic health issues in your body. This option can be considerably effective if the dentures or partial dentures gain support by the use of Dental Implants.

Dental Implants

When Dental Caries infect the dental pulp of the tooth, or the dental pulp of the tooth simply becomes necrotic and infected, the tooth can be saved by preserving the bone retaining the tooth. This treatment is called Endodontic Therapy or Root Canal Treatment. While these procedures have bad reputations, Dr. Allman has found that better than 90% of the time they are no more difficult on the patient than having a simple Composite filling placed.

If teeth are missing, Dental Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, a few, or several teeth; all anchored to the bone just like a healthy natural tooth. Teeth anchored with implants don’t get decay and with correct maintenance will not get infections in the bone like periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease still ravages the soft tissue and bone that keeps the roots of teeth in place. Therefore, if this other major dental disease is not addressed well, a person could have zero history of dental caries, but lose many or all of their teeth due to Periodontal Disease.

Dr. Allman looks at Periodontal Disease as a bacteria-related disease and has used his techniques for the last several years with great success.

Call Gallery 32 Dental Arts for Buckhead Teeth Saving & Replacement

When it comes to saving teeth, you can count on Gallery 32 Dental Arts. Joint-Based Dentistry principles must be followed when replacing and saving teeth, and Joint-Based Dentistry is one of our specialties. The goal of Dr. Allman and the rest of our staff is to provide the latest dental advancements on the market, while still offering the classic services and procedures you expect. Call today to request an estimate, and find out how we can help you reach Dental Health Nirvana.

Gallery 32 Dental is available by phone at (404) 341-4434, or you can send us a message online.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • Great Chair Side Manner

    “I have been going to Dr Allman for all of my dental care for as long as I can remember. He has a great chair side manner, he's affable, humorous, and humane. He explains precisely what needs to be done and offers options for different levels of care.”

    - Jack
  • Worth Every Penny

    “Everyone is an expert. I highly recommend Dr. Allman. My teeth have never been cleaner or healthier. They even made them Hollywood white after I quit smoking. Worth the drive. And worth every penny.”

    - Kelsey
  • I Am Incredibly Pleased

    “I am incredibly pleased with his knowledge, care of patients, and ability to work with a team of diverse oral health professionals on very complex cases. I highly recommend the team at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.”

    - Christianna
  • Best Specialists in the Field

    “There has never been a call to his office that he has not seen us, coming into the office on days off or after hours. Showing us compassion, honesty and sending us to the best specialists in the field for work that he does not do.”

    - Ryan
  • Up-to-Date Methods

    “Scott was able to fix my crown and correct my bite without braces! He used creative, out-of-the-box thinking with modern, up-to-date methods.”

    - Emily & John

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