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Dr. Scott Allman graduated from the University of Southern California in 1984 where he earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS). He was the third-generation of his family to graduate from USC School of Dentistry—starting back in 1916 with his maternal grandfather, then his father in 1962. After starting his career in Southern California, Dr. Allman married his Georgia peach of a wife, then relocated a few years later to Atlanta in 1991. Since that time, Dr. Allman has devoted his professional life to building a patient-centered practice based on what Dr. Allman calls the Journey of the 4 T’s: TIME, TRANSPARENCY, TRUST, and TRUTH—and at the end of this Journey, his patients reach Dental Health Nirvana!

Each client can expect to receive plenty of Dr. Allman’s TIME, so that he can listen to the patient—thoroughly—and find out what the patient’s true goals and concerns. This use of time applies to the patient, also. Dr. A schedules patients one at a time so that each patient gets the maximum use of their own time. The TRANSPARENCY of Dr. A’s actions and motivations must be clear to the patient so that he or she feels that Dr. Allman has their best interests in heart and mind. The inputs of TIME and Dr. Allman’s TRANSPARENCY to his interactions with the patient, there is a relationship of TRUST between Doctor and Patient. Because of this elevated relationship of TRUST, the patient is ready to hear the TRUTH of their clinical conditions in relationship to their wants and needs. The course of action(s), short-term and long-term, evolve from Dr. Allman and the patient both knowing the TRUTH of what needs to be done. In this way each patient of Dr. Allman can benefit from having strong, durable, comfortable teeth that function well and look nice for a lifetime. Having great teeth also requires functional harmony and health from the TM Joints (jaw joints); muscles; and the connective tissue and gums that support the teeth. Oral health must be a contribution to good, whole-body health. The highlighted phrases immediately above--this is what it’s all about, right? This is the destination of Dental Health Nirvana. To stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and dental technology, Dr. Allman has made it his mission to be a continuous student of the art and science of dentistry. As part of this knowledge pursuit to benefit the patients he treats, he has been a member of a number of local and national/international organizations:

  • American Equilibration Society, which is an organization devoted to understanding and achieving the proper function of teeth and joints that play a role in a person's overall oral health.
  • American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association & Hinman Dental Society
  • Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The L. D. Pankey Institute. This world-renowned “graduate school for the practicing dentist” has for the last fifty years been the pre-eminent educational foundation for comprehensive dental care and also has been an active advocate for the philosophy of patient-centered comprehensive dental care. Dr. Allman is an alumnus of the Pankey Institute, having spent 200 hours in Continuing Education there; with the future prospect of more opportunities for him to learn at Pankey.
  • Piper Education and Research Center for TMJ, Facial Pain and Occlusion
  • American Sleep and Breathing Academy
  • American Academy of Orofacial Pain
  • Dr. Allman is also a participating member of the Piper/McKee TMJ Study Club. This is a small group of dentists and specialists from around the USA and Canada who are extremely knowledgeable about TMJ and Facial Pain patients and treat these patients as a part of their dental practices. This is a select group of less than 40 doctors. One of Dr. Allman’s favorite places to learn is with this very special group of men and women
  • Dr. Allman has completed over 2500 hours of continuing education during his career—four times the minimum needed for his dental license renewal every 2 years! As a result of many years of training and experience, he is well-versed in general and cosmetic dentistry; the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ and Facial Pain Issues; the correction of unbalanced bite relationships (occlusion issues); planning and performing implant-supported restorations and rehabilitations. Dr. Allman has used with great success, a non-surgical way to control and yes, even cure (!) gum disease. Finally, Dr. Allman still constructs full and partial dentures for patients—this is a lost art in dentistry and it is a challenge to find a dentist who does it as well as Dr. Allman.

Dr. Allman would love to meet you and join the many happy, satisfied patients at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.


    “Wow is the best way for me to describe my experience with Dr. Allman and his team. Professional, observant, and caring during my dental appointment with them.”

    - Maribeth
    Respect, Fairness & Friendship

    “If I would have to describe Dr. Scott's practice in one word, I believe that the most appropriate one I can find is Family. Well since the moment I first walked in his office and presented the extended dental problems I had I was treated with respect, fair”

    - Andrei
    Make My Wedding Day Smile Outstanding

    “Dr. Allman and his team listened to my concerns, proposed a procedural timeline, and assured me they would do everything in their power to help make my wedding day smile outstanding.”

    - Jessie
    Great Chair Side Manner

    “I have been going to Dr Allman for all of my dental care for as long as I can remember. He has a great chair side manner, he's affable, humorous, and humane. He explains precisely what needs to be done and offers options for different levels of care.”

    - Jack
    I Am Incredibly Pleased

    “I am incredibly pleased with his knowledge, care of patients, and ability to work with a team of diverse oral health professionals on very complex cases. I highly recommend the team at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.”

    - Christianna

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