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A Gallery 32 Dental Arts, Dr. Allman and his highly-skilled team are genuinely passionate about building long-lasting relationships with their patients in order to find the best ways to provide effective treatments tailored to their needs and goals. We want to assure you we take your needs seriously and will take the extra time to explain each procedure in full detail so you can be educated on all treatment options. This way, you can make a confident decision when it comes to your own care.

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Dr. Allman takes time to understand the patient's dental concerns and desires. Moreover, he implements a scheduling philosophy that values his patient's time.


Dr. Allman establishes an open dialogue with patients, which helps patients understand all aspects of their dental health. In return, patients are able to make sound decisions about their dental health.


Once Dr. Allman establishes time and transparency, the patient can trust his expert advice about their oral health. Dr. Allman also keeps preventative procedures in mind to reduce the risk of future health concerns.


Truth is the treatment plan that Dr. Allman develops, which addresses the patient's needs and wants. This plan will include high-quality procedures, which will be properly completed over time.

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