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Why Should You See Your Dentist in December?

December marks the official holiday season. With Christmas and New Year's Eve right around the corner, you may be ready to indulge in the season's treats. However, the holiday season also brings an increased risk of tooth decay.

Holiday Candy Binges

The holiday season is in full swing! That means plenty of holiday parties, gatherings, and dinners with family, friends, and coworkers. And, of course, we all know what that means – lots of tempting treats!

From candy canes to gingerbread cookies to chocolate fudge and truffles, the holiday season is the sweetest time of the year. But all that sugar isn't doing your mouth any favors. In fact, too much sugar and unhealthy treats can actually do some serious damage to your teeth and your overall health. It's been estimated that the average American consumes over 50 pounds of sugar every year, which isn't good for the teeth. That's because plaque loves sugar. When you consume a lot of sugar, your oral bacteria feed on the sugar and release acids as a byproduct, which then damages your tooth enamel. Keep in mind that this is the same process that causes tooth decay and cavities! In addition to this, more sugar in your diet is also linked to an increased risk of heart disease and a decreased immune system function.

To help protect your teeth from the effects of sugar this holiday season, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Keep your toothbrush handy. That way, you can brush your teeth after you eat a snack or dessert to help wash away the sugar and neutralize the acidity in your mouth.
  • Drink plenty of water after meals and snacks to help rinse away food particles and dilute the acids that are present after eating.
  • Don't snack throughout the day. Instead, try to make your meals your main source of nutrition and try to limit snacking to only healthy options like nuts, cheese, lean meats, and vegetables.
  • If you do enjoy a sweet treat or two over the holiday, try to pair that with foods that are high in fiber and protein. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that your oral cancer screening may be covered by insurance? Likewise, if you have dental insurance, it may cover the cost of any restorative or cosmetic dental treatments you may need as well! Contact your local dentist to find out the specifics of what is covered by your insurance. November and December are oral cancer awareness months, prompting people to schedule their yearly exams. If it's been longer than a year since your last dental appointment, don't delay any longer – call your dentist and schedule your appointment today.

Don't forget to tell your dentist if you are at risk for any oral health conditions during your exam. Some patients may need more frequent dental care visits than others, including patients who smoke or use tobacco products. The best way to reduce your risk of oral cancer is to quit using tobacco in any form! During your routine dental appointments, your dentist will be able to monitor your teeth and gums for signs of any abnormalities. 

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