Dental Health Nirvana

Dental Health Nirvana

It’s Achieved Through the Four Tees

How would the concept of “Dental Health Nirvana” be described? It’s achieved through the “Four Tees.” Dr. Allman and our team first invest TIME into the relationship with the patient. The TRANSPARENCY of Dr. Allman’s explanations makes the patient more confident that he/she has indeed chosen their dentist wisely, and has the TRUST that Dr. Allman will do nothing but the best for them. The patient is ready to hear the TRUTH about what is going on in their mouth and what the best plan of treatment is to satisfy their wants and desires and to correct clinical conditions that can cause harm.

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The Four Tees


Dr. Allman takes time to understand the patient's dental concerns and desires. Moreover, he implements a scheduling philosophy that values his patient's time.


Dr. Allman establishes an open dialogue with patients, which helps patients understand all aspects of their dental health. In return, patients are able to make sound decisions about their dental health.


Once Dr. Allman establishes time and transparency, the patient can trust his expert advice about their oral health. Dr. Allman also keeps preventative procedures in mind to reduce the risk of future health concerns.


Truth is the treatment plan that Dr. Allman develops, which addresses the patient's needs and wants. This plan will include high-quality procedures, which will be properly completed over time.

The Results of Dental Health Nirvana

The ultimate goal of the dentist-patient relationship is for the dentist to use his utmost care, skill, and judgment to assess the patient’s clinical dental needs and to understand how the patient’s dental wants and desires affect their life. After that, it is possible to treat the patient’s needs, wants, and desires according to a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.

Good teeth are the result of the treatment activities of this dentist-patient relationship, but it includes much more than just the teeth themselves. The desired outcomes of Dental Health Nirvana are:

  • A happy patient with a great smile and well-functioning upper and lower dental arches, contacting and gliding in harmony in each of the 14 pairs of teeth.
  • Any repairs or restorations made to the teeth are comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Supporting tissues of the teeth are healthy — not just in the mouth, but also contributing to the health of the entire body.
  • The two TMJs are stable, and the muscles that control the movements of the jaw as it moves under the skull are relaxed.
  • The issue of sleep-disordered breathing has been diagnosed and treated with an oral appliance, if appropriate. Sleep-disordered breathing can interfere with one’s quality of life (or those intimate with that person). It is also a major cause of cardiac episodes that can end a life.

So, to achieve Dental Health Nirvana, Dr. Allman cannot just look at the teeth, or at your smile, or at that one tooth that broke off two months ago and still doesn’t hurt. Dr. Allman must take a global view of what is happening in your mouth and how what he sees contributes to problems that may be affecting other parts of your body. He also needs to see how your wants and desires for your mouth fit into the overall picture of your own Dental Health Nirvana.

The Dental Health Pyramid

Imagine a PYRAMID with four sides. The pyramid is a naturally strong shape. Think of this pyramid as the tangible representation of Dental Health Nirvana. Each side of the pyramid describes which of Dr. Allman’s services will contribute to the theme of that side of the pyramid.

For more information on the dental health pyramid, or to schedule an appointment with our Buckhead and Greater Atlanta dentist, call (404) 255-6929. You can also  request a consultation online.

The Four Sides of The Dental Health Pyramid:

  1. Joint Based Dentistry: Harmony in Function, Predictability of Outcomes
  2. Saving Teeth and Replacing Teeth: Classic Dentistry Performed with Modern Techniques and Materials
  3. A Healthy Mouth: The Starting Point for Overall Whole-Body Health
  4. A Great Smile Is Your Front Door to Welcome the WorldServices that Dr. Allman can offer to get that great smile for you


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