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Dental Services in Atlanta & Buckhead

The Link Between a Healthy Mouth & a Healthy Life

Having a healthy mouth leads to a better quality of life, plain and simple. That’s why Gallery 32 Dental Arts offers unique treatment options for your mouth that go a long way to ensuring your overall health. Remember, having a fully functioning set of teeth allows you to eat anything, anywhere you want for the rest of your life in comfort and confidence.

For your teeth to be healthy, you need stable TM joints working from the ideal or adapted ideal position. Fortunately, we offer Joint-Based Dentistry &TMJ Treatment to help you achieve this. You want your muscles to be related as they control the jaw while it functions under the skull. That’s why our Pyramid of Dental Health Nirvana also includes teeth saving and replacement. Well-designed and reshaped/repositioned teeth may allow for the most favorable collisions between opposing pairs of teeth in your mouth. Our durable repairs and restorations build good function and clean ability.

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Comprehensive Dental Services in Buckhead

We are proud to offer the following dental services to patients in Buckhead & Greater Atlanta including:

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment in Greater Atlanta Area

Is snoring loudly during sleep a persistent problem? Chances are, you or your family member might be experiencing sleep apnea. This is a common type of sleep disorder wherein a person's breathing stops when they are sleeping. Because of this pause in breathing, there is an imbalance of oxygen level in the blood, causing the person to awake partially and struggle to breathe. As a result, loud snoring or choking sensations occur.

There are 2 kinds of sleep apnea, including:

  • Central Sleep Apnea – this is where there is a failure to send brain signals to breathe.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – happens when the tissues in the upper throat block the throat, thereby blocking the passage of air. This type of sleep apnea is more common among sleeping disorders.

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Take Complete Care of Life

We have strategically designed our services to meet the right time and place when choosing the best course of action for a patient's individual needs.

The Four Tees are a process, a journey; starting with the Time Dr. Allman invests with each patient. Time is the first step or check-point, then each of the other Tees add onto the process or further the diagnostic journey.

When Dr. Allman and you, as the patient, travel together on this journey and successfully complete the Four TEE process, if you will; ideally you reach and end-point called “Dental Health Nirvana”.

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Dr. Allman and our staff are more than capable of treating a variety of infections and disorders. Backed with sufficient education and specialization, we know how to diagnose and find solutions that last a lifetime. We are fully equipped with the latest machines and devices, providing patients with the best solutions possible to treat these disorders. We will assess your sleep apnea, snoring, or sleep disorder, as well as other common oral issues to recommend a treatment.

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The Four Tees

  • Time

    Dr. Allman takes time to understand the patient's dental concerns & desires. Moreover, he implements a scheduling philosophy that values his patient's time.

  • Transparency

    Dr. Allman establishes an open dialogue between patients, which helps patients understand all aspects of their dental health. In return, patients are able to make sound decisions about their dental health.

  • Trust

    Once Dr. Allman establishes time and transparency, the patient can trust his expert advice about their oral health. Dr. Allman also keeps preventative procedures in mind, to reduce the risk of future health concerns.

  • Truth

    Truth is the treatment plan that Dr. Allman develops, which addresses the patient's needs and wants. This plan will include high-quality procedures, which will be properly completed over time.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • “He took such care to be certain that not only my obvious dental symptoms were relieved, but that underlying issues were also addressed (such as a bad bite), that I even sleep better at night now since I no longer unwittingly clench my jaws or grind my teet”

    - Heather
  • “There has never been a call to his office that he has not seen us, coming into the office on days off or after hours. Showing us compassion, honesty and sending us to the best specialists in the field for work that he does not do.”

    - Ryan
  • “Dr. Allman to the rescue! He patiently discussed my issues with me, worked out a treatment plan with plenty of options for me to consider—both short term and long term—then expertly guided me through the process.”

    - Mary