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Getting your teeth professionally whitened is perhaps one of the simplest, effective, and swiftest ways of transforming your smile and treating years of discoloration and staining. While several self-administered over-the-counter bleaching products are now readily accessible at your nearest convenience store, they do not offer the dental professional guidance, gum tissue protection, or the immediate results that our office can provide.

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, we use a hybrid whitening process to help brighten and whiten your teeth with bleaching agents that are more concentrated with hydrogen peroxide than store-bought products.

Call us today at (404) 341-4434 and see how our expertise can help you illuminate your smile with minimal tooth sensitivity effects.

Why Is Teeth Whitening Needed?

The reasons for darkened or discolored teeth are numerous. They can result from lifestyle factors, matters of dental health, or simply the inevitable process of aging. Luckily, most cases of tooth staining can be reversed and your luminosity restored once again.

Underlying factors and lifestyle habits that can cause tooth stains to include:

  • Drinking certain beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, and soft drinks

  • Eating stainful foods such as chocolate, dark-pigmented fruits and berries, as well as starchy foods like potatoes and pasta, and a diet with high sugar consumption

  • Poor oral hygiene and not maintaining regular dental cleanings can cause plaque accumulation and tooth staining

  • Tobacco use, either by smoking or by chewing

  • Rare diseases that hinder the normal development of the enamel and dentin layers and increase the chances of discoloration

  • Medical treatments such as excessive radiation exposure around the head or neck, as well as attending chemotherapy sessions

  • Fluoride exposure, whether it be from excessive amounts in your water or the overuse of fluoride-containing products, resulting in white spots

  • Materials of some dental devices and restorations like dental crowns and fillings can contain silver sulfide that can darken the surrounding tooth structure

  • Aging brings along the wearing out of the enamel, making it more translucent and exposing the yellow dentin layer underneath.

Our Professional Whitening Technique

Our office in is committed to providing you with the simplest, most cost-efficient course of treatment to enhance your smile. Dr. Allman uses a hybrid technique in which both an in-office treatment and professionally-dispensed treatment to be taken at the convenience of your own home and time.

During your in-office treatment, we will cover your lips and gingival tissues with a barrier to isolate the teeth for the procedures and prevent the potent bleaching agent from irritating or damaging your gums. A whitening gel usually containing at the very least a hydrogen peroxide concentration of 25% or more will then be applied for a couple of minutes, suctioned off, and then reapplied about three more times, before a final rinse is used for the last gel application. To help enhance the activation of the gel’s bleaching effect, a specialized light is also placed over the teeth to finish off the in-office “jump start.”

Once the initial whitening procedure has been performed, you will receive custom-made trays that will safely glide over your gums and hold the whitening gel for your teeth in place. The bleaching agent is of a lower concentration than that of the in-office procedure to ensure that it is safe yet still effective enough to self-apply at the comfort of your home. These personalized trays are applied for about 30-60 minutes per day for a total treatment period of about 7-10 days. After completing the treatment with your last whitening tray, you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the pearly white smile that you’ve been painstakingly waiting for.

Please call (404) 341-4434 to schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening.

Real Patients, Real Testimonials

  • Great Dentist & A Wonderful Person

    “Great dentist and a wonderful person. Caring and compassionate. And he has a great team of friendly and excellent professional people. Been with him for over 15 years.”

    - Sara
  • Smoothly & Painlessly

    “My treatment at Gallery 32 Dental Arts has been exemplary. Erin, my hygienist, has always taken much time with me and provided me with top-notch teeth cleaning. Any necessary procedures I have had with Dr. Allman have gone smoothly and painlessly.”

    - Janet
  • Make My Wedding Day Smile Outstanding

    “Dr. Allman and his team listened to my concerns, proposed a procedural timeline, and assured me they would do everything in their power to help make my wedding day smile outstanding.”

    - Jessie
  • I Am Incredibly Pleased

    “I am incredibly pleased with his knowledge, care of patients, and ability to work with a team of diverse oral health professionals on very complex cases. I highly recommend the team at Gallery 32 Dental Arts.”

    - Christianna
  • Nothing But the Best

    “After many years of them handling my dental work, I have learned to expect nothing but the best at a reasonable price. That’s the way it has always been and still is.”

    - Michael

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