Financial Expectations

Financial Expectations

Get Outstanding Dental Care in Buckhead & the Atlanta Metropolitan Area

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, we offer dental services in Buckhead and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area so you can have the dental health and wellness (i.e. Dental Health Nirvana) that you want. We offer a customized approach and affordable monthly payment options if needed!
We understand that your dental health is a financial investment, and we look forward to partnering with you on your health journey. We have alignments with CareCredit and other dental lenders and we are happy to assist with filling your dental claims with your dental benefits/insurance carriers. We have developed our own in-office Wellness Plan for patients that do not have dental insurance or dental benefits. This has been very popular with our patients!

Contact Gallery 32 Dental Arts for additional information on our financing and savings plans! Call (404) 255-6929 today!

Our Dental Wellness Plan

No insurance? No problem! We have created a Wellness Program for those of you who want peace of mind that will allow you to stay on track with your dental health, regardless of dental insurance. You can save even more by signing up for a Dental Wellness Member Plan ($349 annually $249 annually per each additional family member) today!

Benefits of becoming a Gallery 32 Dental Arts Wellness Plan Member include:

  • Two Annual Exams
  • All Basic X-Rays Included
  • All Emergency Exams Included
  • 15% off ALL Other Services (Excluding Bleaching & Bleaching Products )
  • Two Annual Healthy Mouth Cleanings
  • All Consultations Included
  • Member Only Specials

Dental Care Lenders

For more financing options, patients can set up a payment plan through one of our national dental care lenders, including:

  • Ally Lending - allows patients to have complete control over their personal loan management. Their easy-to-navigate online experience allows you to manage multiple loans in one place, stay on track with payments, and review account details.
  • Prosper Healthcare Lending - their fast and convenient services charge no fees per funded loan and also offer zero risk process when receiving instant pre-approval without it ever affecting your credit.
  • CareCredit - take control of your oral health today with the CareCredit healthcare credit card to benefit from our special dental financing options.

What You Should Know About Dental Insurance

As a courtesy to our patients, our office will always assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits from your insurance. However, there are many misconceptions about dental insurance and what it can and can’t do.

The top three common myths about dental insurance are:

  1. Dental insurance pays based on the premium paid by you or your employer. Higher premium plans pay more of the fees for your dental care and have fewer exclusions.
  2. Dental insurance helps defray the costs of dental care and requires patients to pay the portion of the fee that insurance does not cover. This is your co-payment.
  3. Dental insurance policies restrict payment for some services, use restricted fee schedules, and exclude some procedures based on prior conditions or length of time on the plan. All restrictions are based on the premium paid for insurance.

Gallery 32 Dental Arts does not accept assignment of benefits on secondary insurance. If you have secondary insurance, we will file your primary insurance for you. You are asked to pay anything that your primary insurance does not cover. We provide you with the necessary forms so that you can submit for reimbursement from your secondary carrier.

In regards to billing, we will estimate your portion on the date of service based on information given to us by your insurance carrier. However, sometimes there is a need to send you a statement for the portion of insurance if it has not been paid within 45 days.

Bottom line: Gallery 32 Dental Arts will do everything we can to make the dental insurance process as easy as possible for you. Call (404) 255-6929 with any questions, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Complete Care for Life

Start your journey to better dental health and visit Gallery 32 Dental Arts today!

More About the Four Tees

The Four Tees


Dr. Allman takes time to understand the patient's dental concerns & desires. Moreover, he implements a scheduling philosophy that values his patient's time.


Dr. Allman establishes an open dialogue with patients, which helps patients understand all aspects of their dental health. In return, patients are able to make sound decisions about their dental health.


Once Dr. Allman establishes time and transparency, the patient can trust his expert advice about their oral health. Dr. Allman also keeps preventative procedures in mind to reduce the risk of future health concerns.


Truth is the treatment plan that Dr. Allman develops, which addresses the patient's needs and wants. This plan will include high-quality procedures, which will be properly completed over time.


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