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Dental Health Nirvana

What to expect

What to Expect with Gallery 32 Dental Arts

Dental Health Nirvana: Time, Transparency, Trust & Truth

At Gallery 32 Dental Arts, you can always expect to receive the “Four Tees” of dental care. In the journey of the Four Tees, the end-point is labeled “Dental Health Nirvana.” The activities that occur at Dental Health Nirvana represent the culmination of best practices by the dentist to treat his patient as if the patient was a loved one or a dear friend.


Time is invested by Dr. Allman to get to know his patients, to really do a thorough diagnosis, and to understand the patient’s dental concerns and desires. Dr. Allman recognizes the value of time to his patients in return, and his scheduling philosophy is based on reserving a specific time with you as Dr. Allman’s primary focus — this concierge, “one-at-a-time” approach - is the best way for Dr. Allman and the team to be respectful of your valuable time.


Transparency fosters an open dialogue between the doctor and the patient about whatever they are concerned with in their mouth. Transparency also helps a patient understand what exactly is going on in their mouth, why it happens, and how to solve the problems. Without the development of transparency, a patient cannot make a sound decision about their dental health and who should be their guide on this journey. Once the patient has traveled on the path of transparency, they are able to establish a relationship of…


The trust that the patient now has in Dr. Allman is an asset to their experience. Dr. Allman earned the patient’s confidence with the investment of time and transparency, creating an open dialogue with the patient about his or her dental concerns and desires. Trust prepares the patient to hear what needs to happen to address their concerns and desires. The patient now believes what else Dr. Allman may say in regards to other concerns about their oral health that the patient was not aware existed, and listens to Dr. Allman in these additional matters. The patient also knows that Dr. Allman has his or her best interests in mind as the #1 item of any plan.


Finally, truth comes into focus. Truth is the treatment plan that satisfies the patient’s needs and wants at that moment in time, as well as the clinical conditions Dr. Allman has uncovered through the process of his complete examination with the very best course of action. If needed, an alternative plan or phased plans can be developed. In every instance, the treatment plan will always have a constant of high quality; the only variable will be time. At the very least, the patient knows the truth about the state of his or her oral health and function and trusts Dr. Allman to address any of these concerns in the best way possible.

Dental Health Nirvana

Dental Health Nirvana is the end-point of what the doctor-patient relationship accomplishes and maintains for a lifetime. It requires everything to be stable from the jaw joints forward to the most anterior teeth and everything in between. There are many nuances to be understood and correctly performed as treatments in order to navigate this pathway. Many a lesser Atlanta dentist makes false steps along the way to the patient’s detriment. But a dentist like Dr. Allman, with a passion for excellence and governed by integrity, 40 years of dental experience, the highest level of training, and 2500-plus hours of continuing education — with him, you have an experienced guide for your journey to the Nirvana of Great Dental Health.

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